The Genocidal Turks

Cenk Uygur is an Armenian Genocide denier including on The Young Turks

The Genocidal Turks

This is not about condemning Cenk or his “news” organisation forever, it’s asking them to be honest about their CEO’s history of Genocide denial. If tomorrow Cenk chose to make a video on The Young Turks website saying that what the Ottoman Turks did to the Armenians was Genocide and that he’s changing the name of the show we’d congratulate him for doing the right thing. He is in a position to make a huge difference to not only the Armenian community, but to his own Turkish community; until that happens we’ll be calling on The Young Turks to do the right thing.


The Young Turks Downfall

Somewhere in his bunker Cenk Uygur receives some bad news. Everybody knows about his Armenian Genocide denial on The Young Turks website. If you agree that it's about time The Young Turks chose a less genocidal name and that Cenk acknowledged his past then

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